Sheen going Green


At a time when Climate Change is at the forefront of our minds, here at Sheen Stickland we have been doing our bit and are always looking into new ways to improve our carbon footprint.

Some of our recent initiatives include:

This year the Chichester office has been the first to move its electricity supply over to Octopus who provides 100% green and renewable energy. Our Alton and Petersfield offices will soon follow suit and benefit from cleaner energy.

Recently the Alton office installed a new coffee machine that uses loose instead of individual coffee pods. A great way to reduce our use of single plastics while ensuring the office’s caffeine intake is not adversely affected!

We have also changed our confidential waste supplier for two of our offices. The new supplier has a proven environmental policy that promotes zero waste to landfill.

We are also researching ways to make the recycling of our office supplies greener and more cost effective; we would love to hear from you with your ideas and top tips, so please get in touch at

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