P11D - Expenses and Benefits

In addition to paying employees their basic pay and other pay-related items such as overtime and bonuses, it is not uncommon for employers to provide benefits and reimburse expenses incurred by their employees in the performance of their duties. The P11D form is used to report these benefits to HMRC. 

P11D filings aren’t dependent on a company year, and must all be filed by 6th July following the tax year in question along with the employer’s declaration and statutory Class 1A return - P11D(b). So, your P11D for the tax year running 6th April 2019 to 5th April 2020 must be filed by 6th July 2020.

Employees who are in employment on the last day of a tax year must be provided with a copy of the P11D by 6 July.

Employees who leave during the year can obtain a copy if they notify the employer.

Employees who are obliged to file tax returns are required to include the details from their P11D. Income tax on their benefits is normally collected by adjusting their tax code.

The employer does not need to complete a P11D where:

  • The benefits and expenses have been taxed through the payroll 
  • The benefits and expenses are covered by a PAYE settlement agreement

Penalties can be applied to late submissions, therefore timely and accurate submission is therefore essential.

Key Deadline Summary:

6 July 2020  - Copy of P11D documents to be provided to employees

22 July 2020 - Class 1A National Insurance on all 2019/2020 taxable benefits payable

If we can be of assistance in providing technical guidance or if you would like us to prepare these forms on your behalf please do not hesitate to contact us.

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