Businesses advised to safeguard against adverse winter weather

Insurance provider Zurich has advised businesses to safeguard themselves against adverse weather conditions over the festive period.

Zurich warned that over the winter months, businesses face a number of hazards posed by wintry conditions. Risks range from burst water pipes as a result of freezing temperatures, to failing heating systems.

To minimise the risks that adverse wintry conditions pose to businesses, Zurich has recommended a host of strategies for firms to consider implementing.

Carrying out regular building inspections is vital in order to identify potential issues and undertake essential maintenance, says Zurich. It also recommends leaving boilers and water heating systems running throughout the winter period, and inspecting pipes for defects or vulnerabilities.

Businesses are also advised to leave the heating system turned on if a property is temporarily unoccupied, in order to maintain a steady temperature and reduce the risk of freezing.

Zurich recommends that business owners should assess how cold weather may affect their employees, and implement reasonable measures to safeguard their wellbeing.

Indoor workplace temperatures should ideally stay above 16°c, according to the guidance, while those working outdoors should be provided with appropriate personal protective equipment.

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