23 November 2020 - 2020/21 Year End Strategies

It is always vital to review your financial strategies ahead of the end of the tax year. This is especially true in a year that has seen the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic take its toll on individuals’ finances as well as health.

As your accountants, we can work with you to make sure your business and personal finances are in the strongest possible position to weather the storm. This includes planning to make the most of the tax-saving opportunities available to you, particularly ahead of the tax year end. There are many ways we can help you to lower your tax liabilities, increase your business’s profitability and maximise your personal wealth. 

This guide considers some tax-efficient planning strategies that you might wish to implement before 5 April 2021. These include:

It is essential to act now in order to minimise your tax bill and maximise tax reliefs – don’t leave it until 5 April 2021. Talking to us in good time will ensure that we can discuss the tax planning opportunities available to you and help you manage your cashflow by giving you early warnings of any tax payments due. 


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