28 April 2020 - What does the £750m support package from the government mean for UK charities?

This has been a challenging time for all organisations and charities are not immune to the effects of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. For many charities there is a dual challenge – a drop in income and an increased demand for services. 

Much of the support delivered by the government had been targeted at those charities delivering what Chancellor Rishi Sunak called “vital services” related to the pandemic. The government has allocated £370m for smaller charities that will take the form of cash grants to allow charities to continue - and in some cases expand – services during the current crisis. Priority will be given to those charities addressing the most urgent needs so it’s important to be able to demonstrate the value of your work. For example, hospices and the St John’s Ambulance service are high on the list of priorities, as are those services supporting vulnerable people including food banks, domestic violence and children’s services. 

Applications for a cash grant can be made via the National Lottery Community Fund and further funds will be available direct from government departments. The funds will be distributed across the country according to the Barnett formula; the government estimates that devolved administrations will receive £60m of the total pot to provide funding, but all applications will be considered if this is proved not to be sufficient.

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