Chichester Festival Theatre - Playtime Project

We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring a fantastic project run by Chichester Festival Theatre aimed at bringing the arts to children from the local area.

The Playtime Project gives children the opportunity to write their own short play using one of the CFT Macbeth playboxes as stimulus. The course will run for 12-weeks, consisting of a series of sessions and practical workshops. Once the plays are completed they will be handed to the Chichester Festival Youth Theatre (years 12 and 13) who will work on them from January onward under the direction of Lauren Grant, the Youth Theatre Manager. The plays will then be performed in the Minerva theatre on Tuesday 28th February 2017.

The project is designed to create a free, safe learning environment, helping to stimulate the child’s imagination and creativity with a view to ultimately increasing their confidence and develop their artistic, personal and social skills.

In addition to this, all young people partaking in the project have the opportunity to gain a National Arts qualification which supports young people in their development as artists and art leaders. There are 27 children taking part in this course from two local schools; Singleton Primary and West Dean Primary. The children taking part range from year 4 to year 6. The Discover or Explore Arts Award will be undertaken as part of their involvement in the project.

We are delighted to be a part of such an important cause and look forward to witnessing the success of this project unfold over the next few months. 


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