Accounts Preparation

It is vital that your annual accounts are prepared on a timely basis to ensure you meet filing deadlines, avoid penalties and know your tax liabilities in good time. Our accounts preparation service is specific to the needs of agricultural businesses, and we can further assist by interpreting your accounts, providing constructive advice and adding value to your business whether you are running a farm, estate or other rural business.

As well as producing the accounts necessary for providing the basis for Income Tax or Corporation Tax computations we also look to provide further useful information to our clients, such as:

• Reviewing the profitability of various activities within the enterprise, such as arable, livestock and rental activities
• Assessing long term trends on profitability
• Providing cashflow details to answer the perennial question of “Where did the money go?”
• Assessing the future finance requirements of the business

For more information about our accounts preparation services please contact us

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