Business Valuation

Valuation is not an exact science and disagreements are inevitable. A key aspect of valuation work, particularly when advising a new client, is taking the time to understand the client’s business and its particular strengths and weaknesses. We aim to produce a written report that clearly sets out our reasoning and how we get to our opinion of value.

Valuation is often thought of in terms of the valuation of 100% of a business or company. When asked to advise on a valuation of less than 100% of a company’s shares, for example a controlling interest of 51% or a minority interest of 15% interesting questions arise. What is the basis of valuation – assets, earnings or dividends? What is the valuation one is seeking to achieve – market value or fair value?

We can assist in all aspects of share and business valuation including:

  • The valuation of 100% for buyers or sellers.
  • Matrimonial disputes.
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes.
  • Business restructuring and shareholder exits.
  • Valuations for tax purposes, in particular EMI share option schemes, gifts of shares for CGT and IHT purposes.

Contact one of our professionals today to discuss your business’ valuation needs.


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