Professional corporate finance advice 

At Sheen Stickland we offer corporate finance advice to SMEs and subsidiaries of national and multinational groups.

We handle all aspects of a transaction including negotiating price and contract terms, valuation and financial and tax due diligence. Our partners enjoy advising on corporate finance matters and do the work themselves, assisted where appropriate by experienced members of staff. 

We undertake corporate finance work for existing clients but are pleased to accept instructions from clients who retain their existing advisors for annual accounts and audit work.

Tax is an integral aspect of almost every transaction, issues include:

  • Should the buyer form a new company to acquire the target, and if so should it be funded by shares or loans?
  • Will the seller qualify for the Entrepreneurs Relief 10% rate of Capital Gains Tax?
  • Does the seller require a transactions in securities clearance?

We are not afraid to express an opinion – whether advising you as buyer or seller, we will tell you if we believe that you should not do the deal. This is one of the reasons why we do not advise on the basis of contingent fees.


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