Family Changes

All family changes, whether birth, marriage, death or divorce, have long-term consequences for the family’s assets and income requirements. By working closely with numerous clients over many years and changing generations, we are able to help structure the family’s affairs to reflect the changes that have happened and will happen. Our knowledge includes us being able to:

• Ensure the family uses the best business structures to bring new generations into the family business in a steady and controlled way
• Use trusts to protect family assets
• Ensure your will is well drafted to enable assets to pass to the next generation as efficiently as possible
• Offer business planning and financing advice to ensure the long term sustainability of the family business
• Provide support to the family business in times of change
• Enable the gift of assets to the next generation in a tax efficient manner
• Help to plan for major expenditure such as school fees

Contact us to discuss your individual situation with our team of experts and find out how we can help you.


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