International Services

Our experienced team of professionals can help your business take advantage of the opportunities that are available to you when developing or maintaining an international dimension to your operations.

We can help you if you are considering, or currently pursuing any of the following:

• Importing from overseas suppliers
• Exporting to overseas markets
• Establishing overseas branches
• Global internet trading
• Inward investment
• Joint ventures with overseas companies
• International mergers and acquisitions

For many businesses this can be a perplexing area, with a mass of unfamiliar regulations and procedures to comply with.

We can provide clear guidance in the following areas:

• Accounting procedures for multiple currencies
• Import and export regulations and procedures
• EU regulations
• Cross-border transactions
• Transfer pricing
• Licensing and franchising
• Corporate residence
• Inward and outward investment
• International tax, residence and domicile
• Double taxation relief
• Expatriate tax planning
• Arrangements for employees overseas
• International property rights, asset protection etc.

With tailored advice on the accounting and taxation aspects of working in an international context, combined with forward-thinking planning and solutions, we can ensure that you are able to both fulfil your legal obligations and maximise your business potential.

Contact us to discuss our international services in more detail and to find out how we can help your business.


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